You Gotta Have It

…Faith, that is!

In the play, Benji has an amazing scene where he rocks out to “Faith” while writing a mash-note to his crush, Kenny.

Children of the late 1980s and early 90s remember — keenly,  viscerally — the video and album cover for George Michael’s landmark hit and 1989 Album of the Year. George Michael wasn’t just totally boss, he was sexy as hell, and while his videos were full of supermodels, it was unspoken but generally suspected that he was gay (this was confirmed in 1989 with a public arrest for lewd behavior).

The hips, the moves, the tight jeans, the popped collar, the curled lip: he had it all. For everyone.

george michael     faith




Of course, all this was long after he went by his birth name, Yorgos Panayiotou, and was an awkward teenager, just like Kenny, Benji, and Edith.